New Updates and Another Redo, Again

I don’t know about you, but even though Marc and I, as Grandmas Genes, have paid subscriptions to many Genealogical resources, I really love doing research on Family Search. It’s easy to use and pretty commononsensical (<— not really a word) – you type a name and a list of information comes up for that name.

I have been doing work for a client over the last week or so, slowly adding my research and notes into WikiTree. Today while I was tiding-up I noticed some lose ends for this research.  When I went to Family Search to grab a source citation for a Census, up pops a Census record I hadn’t seen while I was looking JUST LAST WEEK. What?! And this census record had a child that I hadn’t found in any of my research previous to today. So, down this line I go to redo, again research for this family and new child. Not so much tiding-up lose ends eh?

Seems Family search has recently updated it’s files and information. Thanks Family Search for my Genealogy redo, again.

To read more about the latest updates, check out the Family Search Blog, New FamilySearch Collections Update: February 22, 2016.


Author: grandmasgenesblog

Mags Gaulden “They have been at a great feast of languages and stolen the scraps.” - William Shakespeare. My favorite quote, ever. If I were a color I would be cobalt blue. In tense situations I try to diffuse the tenseness with humor (sometimes this approach works, sometimes not). When it rains I feel calm and restive. When it snows I am an ecstatic child expecting a snow day (living in Canada I am ecstatic often). I am happiest when I am doing something, anything, outdoors. People in my family have had names like Goolie and Nimrod (the last one handed down for generations). I thrive when I am helpful to others. I thrive when I am problem solving. I am a Carolinian at my core and I am deeply rooted in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains where I grew-up. If you cut me I would bleed the sound of bluegrass music.

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